Sunday, 20 July 2008
Yay! Sunday!!! And I don't have to go to work tomorrow, well actually for the next 2 weeks, so I am in a good mood ;)

Picture this week is 'Life on Mars' a great TV series about a British police detective who somehow ends up in 70's. Great fun and loads of action. If you haven't checked it out yet then go have a look and maybe give it a try.

My guest last week was Angie Fox and she and her author friends have been giving alot of books away over on Something Wicked. I haven't won anything because I haven't been checking in often enough...I think I need to make sure I go over there every day.

Staying with Angie Fox there is a cool quiz she has on her homepage. Just enter your name and you can find out what Your Biker Witch Name is. Mine is Pretzel Legged Peggy Wheelie-Gig. Let me know what yours is!!

Darque Reviews is back in force and there are some amazing reviews if you like Rachel Caine, Kat Richardson or Charlaine Harris! There are also a few others that had me adding some more books to my every growing wishlist.

Remember when Jeri Smith-Ready was here a few weeks ago? Well if you didn't win that signed copy of her brilliant book 'Wicked Game' you can try your luck over on Sidhe's blog! There is also an interview if you want to find out more about Jeri!

My friend Terra is on a rant...What do you think of rating systems? Is it worth having 5 stars? an A+? She also posted it on Yankee Romance Reviews which also has a new look....

Another site with a new look is Patricia's Vampire Notes and Urban Fantasy Land. With so many sites renovating I wonder if I should also do something new?

While browsing around I found a new site for me to add to my every growing list of sites I like is The Good, The Bad and The Unread. Catchy name isn't it? Check it out!

Oh and don't forget about Vampire Genre being back up! If you took it off your list of blogs to visit then add it back again.

I have mentioned 'Hide-a-Book' before but now I can highly recommend hiding your book! I ordered a couple for myself and a couple for a friend. We both love them. Nothing better to hide those sexy porn like vampire covers on public transport and from family. If you haven't already had a look then just take a peak! They make great pressies!

The question over on Suburban Vampire this week is what is the must have trait you need for your vampire? Also the site has a new look!

Finally don't forget the monthly giveaway and if you want to let me know what you are reading...not reading etc then join me over on Goodreads! The name is Amberkatze ;)

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At 20 July 2008 at 18:48, Anonymous Anonymous

Want to know what my biker witch name is - Looney Libby No Brakes. It's kind of catchy. :)


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