Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunday is all the rage! Nicole Kidman gave birth this week and apparently she has named the girl 'Sunday'! So who better than to take the Sunday Round-up picture this week than the proud new mummy!

But lets get down to the real business! Books!! ;)

Back from the dead?

Darque Reviews is back!! So go and check out the latest book reviews and see what ones you should be adding to your wishlist ;) Also Literary Escapism is back! All praise Kimberley & Jackie! I thought you gals had left me all alone out here in the paranormal world ;)

Also more blog news - Sidhe Vicious Raves & Rants has moved! I couldn't visit the old site browser didn't like I am really happy that I can now visit whenever I want!

Suburban Vampire is back as well! And is asking the question - 'Do you like Entertainment Weekly's Twilight cover photo?'

The way to my heart...

The Something Wicked authors are having a party and everyone is invited! So pop over this week to see is the party has got started and what kind of prizes are on offer!

The amazing Lynda Hilburn (Author of the The Vampire Shrink and soon to be released Dark Harvest see my review here) is going to be having a ton of guest bloggers over the coming months! So stop by and visit Paranormality! First guest up is Yasmine Galenorn!

Oh and while we are all waiting for the release of The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance later this month apparently the previous mentioned authors are both celebrating being a part of the next one due out in February!

J.F Lewis will be the guest blogger tomorrow over on Patricia's Vampire Notes. I loved his book 'Staked' and can't wait for 'Revamped' to come out. Maybe he will be giving away a copy of Staked???

Dragon Moon Press are giving away free E-books. The catch? Review them, post about them, talk about them etc you get the idea?

So that is it for this Sunday! I will be posting a new author interview and contest within the next hour so don't go away!

If you are signed up for my newsletter you will be automatically entered for my new monthly draw. Prize details coming sometime this week!

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At 13 July 2008 at 13:33, Anonymous Anonymous

Back and Biting! I'm on the second Jackie Kessler novel, The Road to Hell and once I get through Hotter Than Hell I'll be sending off a bunch a questions to Jackie Kessler, so keep a lookout for an interview and contest with her in the coming weeks.


At 13 July 2008 at 13:44, Blogger Unknown

You always have all the cool books! I would love to have 'Hotter than Hell' here to read! *Sigh* Hopefully the postman will bring me some new blood tomorrow ;)


At 14 July 2008 at 20:05, Blogger Jeremy F. Lewis

Gah! Giving away a copy of STAKED didn't even occur to me. I'm such a goob. :)


At 14 July 2008 at 23:38, Blogger Unknown

Well let's pretend you did and I won. Where do I send my address?



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