Saturday, 18 April 2009
Riley Jenson is a Guardian and is the one who usually comes face to face with the worst villains. So it doesn't surprise her in the slightest when she comes up against a sorceress who can raise the dead. On the other side of things Riley is also helping solve a series of brutal slayings in the vampire community. Mixed in with the heat of the upcoming full moon her werewolf hormones are running wild and she finds it hard to keep them under control when she comes across Kye Murphy.

Riley threatens the bounty hunter with arrest if she finds him messing with her cases again but the rogue wolf doesn't seem to care. Her wolf side is curious about Kye while her vampire side is totally hot for Quinn. Could it be possible for her to have two souls? A friend mentioned it but she didn't take it seriously until now.

This seventh book in the Riley Jenson series wasn't as hot as the previous books. Things were steamy but not as wild. Now that Riley is with Quinn it seems she is trying to stick with one guy. However on saying that the book left things a little open in that respect. I wonder what will happen between Riley and Kye in the future.

Another great mystery in the paranormal world this series has been on my must read list since it all started with Full Moon Rising. I have followed Riley this far and I am not giving up on her. She is an amazing character, strong and self aware. I enjoy reading about her and hope that the time between now and book number eight passing quickly.

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