Sunday, 30 November 2008
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It’s April 1964 in the weeks preceding Easter. A brick wall unearthed at the excavation site of a new restaurant collapses. Riding a wave of raw sewage that empties into the site are the bones of many human skeletons. Records show a storm sewer behind the wall was backfilled in the 1920s, but the records are wrong. Something is amiss in the small German Catholic town of Three Bridges, PA.

Orphaned at birth and a one-time felon who earned his nickname “from the sound a crowbar makes when it hits a man’s head,” Johannes “Wump” Hozer is the parish’s custodian. Wump is old now, and tired. Childhood memories and strange presentments begin to plague him, one in particular: a drowning infant whose rescue netted him a blanket of bones and an eerie pleading from the newborn “as if it was me who wouldn’t let it go to heaven.”

Where did the bones come from? What could be more horrific than a town’s sewer system filled with human bones? Wump is afraid he’s about to find out.

This story about a sleepy town with its fair share of secrets was quite impressive. At first I enjoyed the setting and build up into the murder and mystery genre this book seemed to be falling into. Then it started to take a totally religious turn but then at the end the more paranormal angle burst in giving the book a very unforgettable finish.

With each chapter giving you a reason to keep reading this novel really grabs and doesn't let go. The author has taken an interesting topic and made it into a great work of fiction. With the style of John Grisham and Dan Brown and the religious twist this is quite unique and worth casting an eye over.

Read an excerpt here!

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At 8 January 2009 at 02:43, Blogger Chris Bauer

Thx for taking the time to review this, Amber, and the kind words.

Chris Bauer
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