Sunday 28 September 2008
There is a killer on the loose on the Ripple Creek Reservation and so far three women have been found dead. A fourth victim survived but Savannah Grant is a ranger and is in hospital fighting for her life. Her twin sister, Neva, shared the horror of the attack through their physical link. The rangers believe that Duncan Sinclair has something to do with the attacks and so Neva decides to seduce him and carry on the hunt that her sister started.

Duncan is a drinker and a love them and leave them kind of guy. He has a reputation but he is called back to Ripple Creek to help his family find the killer. He wants to get the killer and leave town again but when he meets Neva his plans change. Duncan and Neva have to learn to trust each other so they can work together to find a murderer. With their emotions getting in the way they may just miss the vital clues they need to find out which werewolf is trying to tear the reservation apart.

Keri Arthur is well known as the writer of the Riley Jenson Series. However before that series she wrote some others that were expensive and hard to get hold on. So I was very happy to hear that Piatkus books are releasing some of the past books and finally letting the fans get to know this author better. This first release is the first part in the Ripple Creek series. Beneath a Darkening Moon is also avaliable and after reading Beneath a Rising Moon I can't wait to visit Ripple Creek again.

Of course this book does not make as much impact as the Riley Jenson books but it is still paranormal writing at its best. Keri Arthur has a wonderful writing style and her books are always filled with mystery, romance and werewolves. The author has managed to pull off this great combination again and has also made it hot and sexy for good measure. Keep an eye out for the next upcoming releases and if you are a Riley Jenson Series fan then get this book!

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