Sunday, 13 April 2008
It is that time of the week again and I am posting this a little rushed because I have a concert to go to! Any regular readers will have seen my post a few weeks ago about a band called iLIKETRAINS. Well they are playing Vienna tonight and I will be there!

What have I got left to tell you this week? I think I have posted alot so far...but things to look out for here? Well there will be a new interview coming up from J.F. Lewis. Don't forget to enter the contest to win his book 'Staked'! It is a well worth read!

Otherwise I haven't much else to report yet from my side. There are a few things in the works but I don't want to post about them and get you all excited and then disappoint you all when things don't work out. So keep coming back!

In the big wide world of books and blogs? Quite alot to report -

The first is a new series of books from Maria V.Snyder. The 'Glass' series will be set in the same world as her 'Study' series but will be based around the character Opal who readers met in the previous books. I am really excited about this series and you can already read a preview on her website -

Urban Fantasy Land got a Spring clean this week which shocked me a little. I like the layout and it makes it easier to read but I don't find it as 'fantasy' like anymore. What does everyone else think?

This week Suburban Vampire asks the question 'What is your favorite vampire-human relationship?'. I had to pick Spike & Buffy but so far Bella & Edward are winning! Go over and vote for your favourite!

And talking of Bella & Edward you can see a nice clip of the upcomming move adaptation of Twilight on Urban Fantasy Reader's blog. Oh and I heard that the unreleased 'Host' also by Stephanie Meyer may also make it to the big screen!

Anyway...enough rambling from me! Please visit again and bring friends ;)

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At 14 April 2008 at 09:15, Blogger Catherine Karp

Thanks for another link to a Suburban Vampire poll!


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