Sunday 29 March 2009
M.J. Holliday can communicate with the dead and has been using her gift to do a bit of ghost busting. Unfortunately there isn't as much ghost busting work out there as she thought there would be but her best friend and business partner Gil is about to take care of that for her.

When Gil gets approached by a TV company asking if M.J. would be interested in taking part in a new show called Haunted Possessions, he tricks her into signing up for the gig. As soon as M.J., Gil and her boyfriend Steven arrive at the hotel where the filming is to take place, things start to go very wrong.

With the help of fellow psychic, Heath, M.J. starts to track down and send on all the ghosts that haunt the hotel. She also gets mixed up in a murder investigation and then there is the small problem of a demon on the loose. With so many spooks on the premises and one evil spirit actually able to cut and possess people, this really is going to be a trip that M.J. will never forget.

Three books into the Ghost Hunter mystery series and I am hooked. Possession being one of the themes in this book seemed ironic, seeing as I felt possessed by the book. I just had to keep reading till the end and hated having to put down this action filled read. Spooky, creepy and chilling this cozy paranormal mystery was the best yet out of the series and I hope that the wait for book number four will not be a long one.

I have enjoyed this author's Psychic Eye series but I absolutely love this ghost busting delight. Worth checking out and definitely not one to read in the dark or if you are home alone. Do you really believe things that go bump in the night? This series really has a knack for making it all seem real whether you believe in it all or not.

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At 30 March 2009 at 12:44, Blogger Vickie

This is in part two of my book order I placed last week. I can't wait to read this one. Excellent review.
I like both of her series, but I prefer the Ghost Busting series to the Psychic Eye series.


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