Friday, 10 April 2009
It is Spring break and Maggie Quinn and her friend Lisa are looking forward to some time on the beach. No demons, spells or anything paranormal in sight, the girls are having a well deserved rest. However while driving through Texas they run over a dead cow and the gas tank needs to be replaced. Stuck in the small town of Dulcina wasn't really how the girls wanted to spend their days off but then again evil doesn't go on holiday.

Which is something Maggie realises pretty quickly when the locals start talking about how many cattle deaths they have had since the drought started. Sure dead cattle isn't unusual when there is a lack of water but these animals haven't been dying from dehydration.

Everyone has a theory about the killings but nobody has been able to prove anything so far. So when Maggie and Lisa start to cure the boredom of a small town by getting involved they find themselves in a lot deeper than they expected. Evil mosquito like bugs, strange spells and attacks on the population means that the thing attacking the cattle is getting bolder. Will Maggie and her friends be able to stop whatever is terrorising the town of Dulcina?

This is the third book in the Maggie Quinn : Girl vs. Evil series and I loved it. With the unusual evil theme and the detective skills of Maggie this was really an enjoyable read. I have been re-watching Veronica Mars and there are so many similarities between the two girls. Maggie is just like the sassy young TV detective but there is one difference. Maggie has a built in 'freakometer'.

Maggie is just at the beginning of a Buffy style life and I am definitely going to carry on following her progress. There was no announcement in the back of this book but hopefully book four will be coming out soon. I see a bright future for this young adult series.

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At 10 April 2009 at 10:32, Blogger Vickie

I just added the first in the series to the Wanton Book-Yearn List. Thanks!


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