Wednesday 8 April 2009
Decker Argenau could do with a holiday but those ideas are cut short when he is asked to help hunt a group of rogue vampires. The rogues are preying on mortals and just kidnapped 2 women, sisters, and another Rogue, a long lost family member is also somehow tied up in the case.

Dani is the oldest sister and is a doctor. Saved from her kidnappers by a strange man she isn't sure who to trust. What she does know is that she needs to help get her sister back and under the current circumstances she decides to stay with the men who seem dangerous but capable of tracking down her sibling. With no choice but to go along with the men who talk about strange liquid diets and mind reading she hopes that she hasn't made the wrong decision.

The suddenly Decker is talking about them being life-mates and Dani starts to dream the most erotic dreams she has ever had about the strange man. Feeling a passion she has never known before Dani starts to process the fact that these men are indeed immortals and that her sister is being help captive by a rogue immortal.

Together Dani and Decker hope to find Dani's sister. With the help of the Argenau family and resources they will hopefully get to her in time. Until then they have some time to spare and they use it getting to know each other in every way possible.

So it is time for another Argeneau installment and we all know how it goes already. Immortal meets life-mate, life-mate freaks out a little, immortal and life-mate get it on and everyone lives happily ever after? Did I miss something? Of course! I missed out the fabulous story that lies in between this re-occurring concept.

Lynsay Sands may keep to the same idea but every book in this series is always totally different from the next. How she manages to do it I am not sure but she does it well and I devour and enjoy each of her books. This newest release is just as good as the previous Argeneau stories and I can't wait to see what happens next and to who.

Haven't read this series yet? Then catch up! Already a fan? Get this new edition as soon as possible! You won't be disappointed!

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At 8 April 2009 at 20:21, Blogger Pissenlit

Oooh, I finished reading book 6 a couple of weeks ago. Looks like I need to read faster. :)


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