Sunday, 15 March 2009
The devil has basically moved in next door to Nicki Styx and she knows that no good can come of it. He would love her to leave her boyfriend, Doctor Joe Bascombe, but she isn't going to give him up and dance with the devil. So he sets out to make Nicki's life hell and he has an interesting way of going about it.

Nicki has just gotten used to being able to communicate with the dead. Seeing, hearing and being able to help spirits isn't easy but the devil has sent a spirit her way that can even possess her. Joe's job is in trouble, Evan's relationship is on the rocks and Nicki is trying to stay sane, solve her spirit problems, help her friends and also not turn evil.

This third book in the Nicki Styx series could be the best yet. With more depth and expansion on Nicki's story and the devil having a main role there is nothing boring about this book. Action, mayhem and magic all the way this ghostly series is one of my favourites to read and I can't wait for book number four and anymore that come out. The author has a great writing style that is filled with fun, mystery and ghouls.

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At 16 March 2009 at 07:27, Blogger Vickie

I loved the first in this series, I have to catch up! Thanks for the fab review. Makes me more eager to go shopping this weekend for books. Or next week for spring break...granted it's my kindergarten daughter's spring break, but I'm there with her. Shopping.....ahhhhhhh...


At 18 March 2009 at 07:30, Blogger Terri Garey

Hey, thanks, Amber! I had more fun writing this book than the first two combined - it literally nearly wrote itself! Now if I could just make up my own mind... Joe, or Sammy? LOL


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