Sunday 15 February 2009
Cractus is the son of Warcraft and Hate and spent eternity battling for the ancient gods who birthed him. He was feared by all until the day he couldn't carry out the orders Zeus had gave him. Sent into exile by his family and friends and using the name Jericho he keeps to himself and tries to stay sane. However his life, however pitiful it is, is about to change as an ancient enemy is been let loose and Jericho is the only god who can help stop it.

Dream-Hunter, Delphine, has spent her life protecting mankind from the nasty things that prey on our unconscious state. But now all the allies she had have been turned and she knows that Cractus is the last hope they have of finding a new leader who can fight against the enemy. However the enemy has got to Cractus first and if she can't win him over and get him to fight with her on her side, the side of Zeus, the whole world could be in big trouble.

While I absolutely adore the Dark-Hunter series there is something about the Dream-Hunter books that I don't like very much. I always read them, struggle through them, then actually look forward to the next on but they are just not as good as the Dark-Hunter series. I also find this series to be extremely complicated and confusing. Too many characters, histories and plots give me a headache and cause my mind to wander.

All in all a great read from a great author but it is a series I could do without. It has the usual flair and style that Kenyon is known for but it really isn't as satisfying as a Dark-Hunter book. A must read for fans but I don't think it is a must read as soon as possible series.

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