Sunday, 8 February 2009
Life has settled down for Librarian Aurora Teagarden. Married life with Martin is going well and she hasn't found any dead bodies for a while. Then one afternoon her handyman goes crazy in her yard and she sees it as a sign of more bad things to come. She is right.

To say Roe is shocked to find Martin's niece Regina on her doorstep is the understatement of the year but to see her standing there with a new born baby is beyond comprehension. Then Regina disappears and leaves the baby behind as well as her dead husband. Left with the baby Roe and Martin go to Regina's hometown in snowy Ohio looking not only for the mother of the baby but also for answers about what exactly has happened over the last few months.

Book six in the Aurora Teagarden series gives the reader alot more information about her new life but also, by the end, takes alot away from it. Charlaine Harris is a wonderful author on many counts but the ending to this book made me wonder what she has planned for this prim, proper and old fashioned librarian. The series has been re-released, most likely due to Charlaine's vampire success, and I am glad that I managed to get hold of a copy of the next book in the series (due out in May) because I am very eager to see what Roe does next.

I am extremely happy that this series has been re-released because it just proves that Charlaine's Vampire success is no fluke. She writes a great story with amazing lead characters and any fan of her books should take the time to read this cozy mystery series as well as her Lily Bard series because you can always see a little Sookie in them.

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