Monday, 5 January 2009
When photo-journalist Emily Winters gets a mysterious phone call, she agrees to meet a stranger in an isolated church on the outskirts of Sydney. The stranger tells her of a supernatural history that involves her family and passes a book onto her called a grimore. With the help of the grimore, the stranger called Jay and her grandmothers ring, Emily starts to uncover more and more about the women in her family. Women who have powers that are passed on to every generation, powers that an evil cabal will stop at nothing to take from them.

With the dark forces closing in and only a few days to learn what she needs to know, Emily has to come to terms with her magical inheritance and decide who she can trust. Using the strength from her ancestors, Emily fights to free not only herself from the enemy but also her family and friends. Blood will be spilled, magic will used and hopefully none of them will die.

A friend sent me The Darkness Within all the way from Australia and now all I can say to her is - Thank you so much! Because this was an amazing book that I definitely wouldn't have come across if she hadn't of sent it to me. Full of vampires, magic and powers unknown this was a brilliant read. The Darkness Within was so well written that I could actually imagine it as a film or TV series.

I loved the main character for her strength and the unusual vampire Jay for his mysterious ways. The plot was great, the whole story somehow unique and it had me hooked right until the end. I hope this author writes more paranormal stories (maybe even a follow up to this one) and also sets them in Australia as he did this one.

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At 5 January 2009 at 13:17, Blogger Vickie

Looks like this one isn't available to us in the does look good, too.


At 5 January 2009 at 14:18, Blogger SciFiGuy

Dang not available here in Canada yet either - sounds great though.


At 5 January 2009 at 18:32, Blogger Vickie

Amber: I hope you don't mind. I nominated you for a Butterfly Award for the Coolest Blog I Know. I visit every day and you always have intriguing book adding to my list reviews and fab interviews.


At 6 January 2009 at 06:34, Blogger Unknown

Sorry this isn't available in the States yet! It only got released in Europe in October...and as I said...someone sent me my copy direct from OZ.

@ Vickie - Thank you so much! That means alot to me!


At 6 January 2009 at 07:49, Blogger Kimberly Swan

Sounds very good! I'll have to watch for it here. :)


At 12 January 2009 at 05:34, Anonymous Anonymous

HI Amber,
Thank you so much for saying such nice things about The Darkness Within! It's grand to see it slowly spreading its wings -- I owe your Aussie friend a favour :) And yes, I am writing new stories, and they are set in Australia, but it'll be a while before anything lands on the shelves, I'm sorry to say. If your readers would like more info on the book, my website has recently moved to (though should also still work). You're doing great work here, thanks! Best wishes, Jason.


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