Saturday 31 January 2009
He is a legendary outlaw and immortal vampire who has been stealing works of art of centuries. Robin of Locksley has evaded the authorities until now but they are getting closer to finding out who he really is. The prince of thieves also likes to steal the hearts of women he meets but it seems that he has finally met a woman who not only could put an end to his thieving but could steal his heart.

As an undercover agent, Chris Renshaw, doesn't have much time for a social life, let alone an affair. Hoping to catch the art thief called the Magician she is using a priceless book as bait. Things don't go as planned for both Chris and Robin and they are forced to work together to save the things that mean so much to them.

Chris and Robin are not sure of each other but the sexual tension is growing each minute they spend together. Their hunt to find and save the book, his people and her partner take them across Europe and keep them close together. What they don't know is that the book has alot more to it than pages. Something inside the book could kill everyone human which in return would kill the Darkyn.

Stay the Night is the seventh book in the Darkyn series and finally tells us more about Robin's story. The novel also keeps us up to date with the other characters that have appeared along the way and carries on the main story of the Darkyn like the other books in the series so far. However with quite a break between the books in the series I found it a little difficult to keep up with who is who this time around. With so many characters playing parts in the continuing story I found myself struggling a little with this new installment.

Well written, interesting and action packed this is a great read. However it took me quite a few chapters to get back into the Darkyn world. Throughout the whole book I found myself having to stop and think back to the previous books to remember who did what and why. The author does try her best to remind the reader of events but there is still so much information to be remember and too much time between books.

On saying this I still enjoyed the continuing story of the Darkyn and will carry onto following the story. Vampires with a difference, historical backgrounds and some hot romance is what you can always expect from a visit to the world of the Darkyn. I am looking forward to see what happens next but hope the wait isn't too long.

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At 1 February 2009 at 14:30, Blogger Kimberly Swan

I enjoyed this as well,and the whole 'Robin' aspect was such a surprise in the series.


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