Friday 2 January 2009
When Phillippa sees a nanny job advertisement that says 'Must Love Black' she instantly knows it is the job for her. A whole summer looking after twin girls doesn't sound like every teenagers dream but her dad has just gotten married again and if off on a honeymoon cruise so work sounds like a fun idea. However it comes to Pippa's attention that the girls don't have any kind of fun in their lifes.

Living in a mansion on a cliff the twins turn out to be a little strange. Who can blame them though when they are locked up in their domain all day. With rumours of ghosts and a thick fog clouding the way every night it is an extremely spooky place. However Pippa gets the girls having fun in no time thanks to the hot gardener. Summer will be fun afterall. Or will it?

I loved Kelly McClymer's Salem Witch books and couldn't wait to see what else she had on offer. I have to say that while this book was very appealing and fun to read it was nothing compared to her previous books. Must Love Black was interesting and slightly spooky but not at all what I was expecting. I would highly recommend this for someone's niece but for adults who enjoy YA books this is a little too boring.

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