Friday 23 January 2009
Even though Ophelia Jenson is a librarian she doesn't know who Stephen Larsen is when she meets him. Within a few minutes of meeting him Ophelia finds out he is an author who likes to write exposés, he is following a lead and he likes her. Then suddenly he falls down shot and Ophelia finds herself, yet again, in the middle of a police investigation.

Ophelia is used to using her detective skills and magick to solve mysteries but this one turns out to be a little more dangerous than she is used to. Daughter Tink is sent away to keep her safe but Ophelia stays home hoping she will be able to find out more about Stephen and the dreams she is having. Grandmother Abby is around to help Ophelia but even she can't stop the investigation or the people who want the librarian dead.

The Witch's Grave is the sixth book in the Ophelia & Abby mystery series and it was a perfect read as usual. I love the characters in the series and the magick element is not only interesting but informative. I missed not having Tink around much in this book but I am sure she will be back next time with the other great supporting characters, Abby and Darci.

This cozy paranormal mystery had some historical ties as well as some political ones. Both areas were well written about and were obviously well researched. I really enjoyed the reincarnation aspect and liked the way it was written. I only found it a shame that Ophelia hasn't had much romance yet. I hope one day she will settle down a little ;)

I am eager to see what happens next in Ophelia's life and can't wait to read whatever Shirley Damsgaard has on offer next time.

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At 23 January 2009 at 18:23, Blogger SciFiGuy

Sounds like a delightful series. Haven't had the pleasure. Maybe some day. Sigh.


At 25 January 2009 at 07:51, Blogger Unknown

I hope you get to it! It really is nice!


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