Thursday 15 January 2009
The D'Artigo sisters are three sexy operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. They are half-human and half-fae which gives them the supernatural talents needed to fight against the Otherworld of evil. Camille is the oldest sister, a witch, who has three men to please her. Menolly is a vampire, the youngest sister, who is still getting used to being undead. Delilah is the third and middle sister, a werecat, marked by the Autumn Lord as one of his Death Maiden's. Night Huntress carries on the story of the three sisters and this time Delilah is telling the story.

Delilah's boyfriend is acting weird, the Autumn Lord has strange plans for her and Karvanak the deadly enemy the three sisters have been fighting against is in town. There is still no word on Trillian or their father but the sisters have a lead on the fourth spirit seal. Things in the D'Artigo world are always busy but this time there is alot more at stake.

Night Huntress is book five in the Otherworld Series and anyone reading this review who has not read any of the books in this series so far should not read any further and just go out and buy them! This is an amazing series that all other authors should be jealous of. Sure there are other amazing books out there in the Paranormal Urban Fantasy genre but this series has to be by far the queen of them all.

I love Delilah's character and it was good to read things from her point of view again. I love how she grows in this book and finally finds out some things she needed to know. Alot takes place in this new installment and I can't wait to see where Galenorn takes things next. This series has everything you need from a paranormal series and has a great balance of action, mystery and steamy romance.

The Sisters of the Otherworld will be back in Demon Mistress and even though there was no big cliffhanger ending to this book I still can't wait till the release of book six in June. This is a must read series for any readers of the genre and if you don't like it then I really have to wonder why ;)

Yasmine Galenorn will be my guest next week so check in on Sunday to read my interview with this great author.

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At 15 January 2009 at 09:48, Blogger Vickie

Delilah is my favorite of the three sisters. I really like this series, too. I spend far too long between the books and I need to get this one.
I look forward to your interview with Yasmine on Sunday!


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