Thursday, 1 January 2009
When someone orders a black rose for Abby's old law school professor she knows she should let someone else deliver it. She never did get on with Professer Puffer and he prefers to throw broken pencils at students instead of helping them. So Abby isn't surprised when the professor throws the flower in the bin and is nasty to her. Storming off she only goes back to get the poor flower and at the same time finds a dead body. And if finding a dead body isn't bad enough the dead person just happens to be another professor that Abby doesn't get on well with.

Of course the police see Abby as the number one suspect and so does everyone else. Her flower shop does get more business but there are people protesting outside and following her. Abby is used to sticking her nose in to investigations and trying to help others get off the hook but this time she has to help herself.

This fourth book in the Flower Shop mysteries was just what I needed to welcome in the new year. I love this cozy mystery series and Abby is really a character that I am really enjoying. She is someone you wish was your best friend but at the same time you hope you don't get involved in any of her mad investigations!

With some romance between Abby and Marco, the sexy ex policeman, this series is also getting a little hot. The reoccurring characters and their story lines just make this series even more worth reading and I can't wait to join Abby on her next adventure. If you like Janet Evanovich then you will love Kate Collins!

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