Sunday 7 December 2008
Cheyenne's sixteenth birthday was a very special day that she will never forget. Coming of age has a whole new meaning for Cheyenne when she finds out that her parents are vampires and that she has reached her bloodsucking age as well. Suddenly her whole world is changing and she has so much to learn on top of her school studies. Changing into a vampire and waiting for a special power to appear really beats her old daily school problems and algebra homework.

When Cheyenne goes on a Halloween school trip the day after her birthday she starts to feel strange. Visiting the caves and seeing so many bats is cool but the weird experiences she keeps having on the trip leaves her feeling uneasy. When she tells her parents about the trip they rush her off to their vampire clan. It turns out that Cheyenne's power is one that only appears every 500 years and involves her shifting into a panther. Her life just keeps getting better and better.

With so much changing in her life the avid gymnast would be happy to have a normal day in school. Although it seems that no part of her life is going to be free of change when she she finds out that her best friend also isn't what she seems. Throw in a mysterious guy who knows her name but insists on calling her Sparkie and Constantine from the rival vampire clan turning up to annoy her and it seems like Cheyenne can't go anywhere for a moments peace.

This new young adult series really makes its mark by putting a whole new twist on the stereotypical vampire myth. Cheyenne is a normal girl who is suddenly thrown into a new world while trying to deal with the usual everyday teenage problems. Younger readers can relate to her problems while older readers can sympathize with her for having to grow up so quickly. Her sarcastic and fun manner really makes her character realistic while her continuing strength throughout the whole book keeps her human and likeable.

Cave of Terror has a good, interesting and fun plot with characters that grow on you makes this début a brilliant start to what I hope will be an addictive new series. The author has managed to write a new, fresh and Heather Brewer like story which has me looking forward to the second part, A Ghostly Affair, which is due out next year.

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