Sunday 7 December 2008
Keira has settled in at the Wild Moon Ranch and is happily playing house with Adam, a gorgeous vampire. However things aren't going that well. Adam is sleeping alot longer than usual and isn't drinking enough blood. He is growing weaker and weaker and she has no idea why or what she can do to help him. The stubborn vamp won't let anyone look at him so she leaves him be and hopes he will eventually come to his senses.

Someone she can rely on right now is her brother Tucker. He is 1200 years old and is always around to help. Keira is struggling to come to terms with her new gifts but having family nearby makes things just a little bit easier. So when the pair get involved in looking for a missing Spanish ranch hand and four teenagers, they are lucky to have each other. Things just keep getting stranger and they seem to be getting themselves into more and more trouble. What does an old cemetery and an angel statue have to do with everything that is happening in Keira's life?

Blood Bargainis the second book in the Blood Lines series and is a wonderful supernatural filled sequel to the first book Matters of the Blood. With Vampires, shifters and faeries all making an appearance this series definitely covers the main paranormal genre favourites. Mystery, suspense and things that go bump in the night are all packed into this second part making the first book weep in envy and the third book having to live up to an even higher standard.

What makes this world even more interesting for me is the use of the Welsh names and language. Welsh born but living in Austria I crave a little bit of my heritage now and again and it is joy to read paranormal books that use some of the magical roots from my home country.

If you haven't already read Matters of the Blood then try and do so before reading this sequel. While they can stand alone it is much nicer to know more about the characters and the world they are living in before reading this second part.

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