Thursday, 4 December 2008
When Calla's mother died she had to go live with her grandmother in Lily Dale, a town full of psychics and mediums. Worlds apart from her native home of sunny Florida she never thought she could love the sleepy place her mother never told her about. Now after a couple of months she has found a place in Lily Dale. A place that she still isn't sure about but it is a place she wants to keep hold of.

Ever since moving to Lily Dale, Calla has started seeing ghosts and experiencing other 'things'. At first the whole thing terrified her but now she is slowly getting used to her gift. With the help of some friends Calla is trying to find out what really happened to her mother. Did she really just fall down the stairs or was she pushed like Calla has seen in her dreams? Tracking down the strange man that Calla believes has something to do with her mothers death is risky and Jacy her friend keeps having visions of Calla drowning.

Determined to find out what really happened to her mother, Calla keeps looking for clues and snooping. She has to make sense of the signs she keeps getting given and finally catch the person who killed her mother. Before the killer comes for her.

Connecting is the third book in the Lily Dale series and the story just gets better and better. The author weaves a lovely web filled with mystery and the paranormal which makes this a real page turner. I couldn't put this one down and found myself picking it up at every opportunity. Calla is such a lovely girl with so many realistic worries and while reading you really get the feeling that you are in Lily Dale with her, helping her finish the next chapter of her life.

Adventure, mystery and ghosts! What else can you ask for? This young adult series has really grabbed me and I can't wait for the next book 'Discovering' to come out. Especially with how this book finished! I hope the wait won't be long until book 4 hits the shelves because I can't wait to visit Lily Dale again.

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