Sunday, 30 November 2008
Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist with a demon of her own inside her. The demon, Lugh, is a king and he is prying into every area of Morgan's life. He wants Morgan to trust him and let him take over her body when he needs it but she has trust issues and who can blame her after all the things she has gone through. Although now things are getting more and more dangerous and there is a power struggle going on that needs Lugh's full attention. Can Morgan let him take over and do what he has to do?

Morgan has her day job to do and winds up getting involved in something more than suspicious. Did Tommy, the son of a wealthy couple who was against demons, really allow himself to be willingly possessed? Kidnapping, sexual depravity and torture are just a few of the bad things Morgan has to deal with on a daily basis. It is her job and a way to make a living but can she really pay what the devil's due?

This third book in the Morgan Kingsley series really set the stage for something bigger. I can see the pieces falling together and I know that the future books in this series will just get better and better because there is obviously more going on than we, the readers, can see right now.

Morgan has attitude and makes a great main character. The growing number of support characters keeps the reader on their toes. Good or bad is the question you have to keep asking yourself as the sides change and the story keeps unfolding. Hard, sexy and devilish this is a must read series. Being an exorcist is obviously hard work but reading about it is fun and addictive.

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