Sunday, 14 September 2008
Margit is responsible for the death that has started a war between the five Old Races. The New York lawyer is now facing her toughest negotiation yet and with her gargoyle lover taken prisoner Margit's allies are not really anything to write home about. A dragon who has fallen, a vampire ready to do anything to keep what he has and Margit's ex boyfriend a human police detective are all she has to help her find a solution that will keep everyone happy.

Nothing can prepare Margit for what is about to happen and there is no way of knowing what the future holds in store for her. One thing she does have on her side is the vampire blood she drank which is giving her some interesting abilities. Will Margit manage to come out of this alive? Will she be able to save her gargoyle and keep everyone else from killing each other?

Hands of Flame is the third and last book in the Negotiator series and it really didn't impress me much. I really loved the first book Heart of Stone and also liked the second book House of Cards. However this third part just seemed to complex compared to the first books and Margit was too full of herself for my liking. I did enjoy the second half of the story more than the first and not only did the change in pace keep me reading this to the end but also the fact that I wanted to know what was going to happen now that I had got this far.

The author hints that she may write more about this world and I hope she does. Even though I didn't like Hands of Flame very much I totally appreciate the series as a whole. The Old Races are brilliant, interesting and unique in the Urban Fantasy world and I want to know more about them and read more books set in this world. However I could happily leave Margit behind...

If you have been following this series then you will not be able to leave Hands of Flame alone. It is a must read and it does tie up the series well. If you haven't yet embarked on this series then do try it. Despite my words about this last part it is an amazing series with gargoyles, selkies, vampires, djinn and other cool paranormal creatures.

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