Sunday, 17 August 2008
Eleven Thousand years ago a god was born and cursed into the body of a human. Acheron spent his life in pain and shame but his death nearly destroyed the world. To stop the destruction of everything he was brought back to life against his will. Acheron now uses this second chance to defend mankind, look after the Dark-Hunters and forget his past.

However hiding the past isn't simple and when Acheron hears of yet another archaeologist who thinks they have found Atlantis he is there to make sure the claim isn't true. Little does he know that this time the truth is close to being found. Suddenly Acheron is helping the archaeologist so he can keep everything a secret. Not only must he keep things under wraps for himself but for the whole of mankind.

After all the hype I finally spent the last day and half reading this newest and biggest part in the Dark-Hunter series. Was it worth the hype? Sure it was and I wasn't expecting anything else. However for anyone who hasn't followed this series you need to go and read the rest before you get to the ultimate best. Sure this could stand alone, like all the Dark Hunter novels, but Acheron is much better if you know the rest of the history and the reasons this story has finally been told.

I love Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series and have followed it religiously since I found it. Anyone who hasn't tried this series yet should go out and get one asap but just don't spoil things by reading Acheron first. Acheron was amazing but nothing more or less than the previous books in this series. The only things that made it special was its size and its leading male.

The first half of the book centers on Acheron's life as a human and is told from the perspective of his sister and then his own. Not written in the style Dark-Hunter fans are used to this was of course a big part of the story and set the way for the second half of the book. The second half was of course a Dark-Hunter story about Ash himself. Set in the present with all the Dark-Hunter people, places etc. Finally we see Ash get what he deserves.

All in all this 12th book in the series an amazing read and even though it is a little bigger than usual it was the best yet. I needed nearly 2 days to read this and I am a fast reader. However this is a story that needs to be read slowly, savoured and enjoyed. This is Kenyon's ultimate work and I am curious to see how she will ever manage to top it. However I also have to say that the hype was over the top. Way too much press for a book that would only interest the fans and a book that can not and should not be read by readers new to the series.

Oh and I loved the Sprite scene. Anyone who has read this already will know what I mean :)

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At 17 August 2008 at 12:14, Blogger Patricia Altner

Thanks for this great review. So glad that it really did live up to all the hype!. Now I have to read it.


At 17 August 2008 at 12:39, Blogger Estella

I have heard a lot of good things about this book. It is on my ToBuy list.


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