Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Katie and Tom are finally getting married but it looks like it just may have to wait. Things keep on getting in the way and even a snowstorm manages to keep the pair from their Vegas wedding leaving them with hopes of the church wedding still going ahead. Thats if the werewolves allow it to go ahead.

With Tom's ex stalking Katie, her psychic powers being blocked and the knowledge that The Thrall are up to something, Katie is rushed off her feet, homeless and weaponless. Although every cloud has a silver lining and Katie has some extremely great friends and an amazing guy to help her through her last big fight.

Touch of Darkness is the third and last book about The Thrall and like the previous two books, it was excellent reading. This writing duo have yet again done a great job and produced an amazing story that hooks the reader from the first word. I couldn't put this down and any other fans of this series or these two authors will have the same experience.

Unforunately this is the last of Katie and The Thrall. I have enjoyed it while it lasted and know there is more to come but just not in this series. This was an exciting, action and emotionally packed finale and the end brought a tear to my eye. Although I have to say that Katie did spend alot of her time in some hospital or other in this book and I felt sorry for her!

If you haven't tried this series yet I can highly recommend it. The Thrall are just the most nastiest vampires you will ever meet and the werewolves are extremely interesting. Touch of Evil is the first book and Touch of Madness is the second book. They definitely need to be read in order!

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