Sunday 10 August 2008
Aurora Teagarden and Detective Sergeant Jack Burns had never got along but the last thing she wanted to see was him dead and landing in her garden. At least the police know that Aurora couldn't have killed him and seeing as it has been two years since she last found a dead body nobody is making jokes about her.

Even though having a dead man fall into your garden is strange enough other weird things start happening. Some of the things like her cat turning up with a pink bow on her neck are just peculiar while people Aurora knows being attacked are definitely work of someone mad. So once again Aurora is at the center of something and this time she doesn't know if everything is related or if it really has anything to do with her. All Aurora knows is that she needs to find out what, who and why before it is too late.

This is the fifth book in Aurora Teagarden Mysteries and I am loving them even more with each new book. Dead Over Heels takes place 2 years after the previous book The Julius House and Aurora has settled into married life and her rich status. Everything you would expect from this series is there as usual and I love the simplicity of the town and people in this series and the complex plot the author always manages to weave into her books.

Of course this is a 'cozy mystery' and to some people certain aspects will seem silly and ridiculous but it is a fun read and very enjoyable. First released back in 1996 this book shows its age but carries it well. I love this author and yet again she has managed to treat me to a brilliant, interesting and thrilling read. Unfortunately I am not happy with the publishers who are not re-releasing the next book A Fool and His Honey until February.

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At 10 August 2008 at 12:26, Blogger Estella

Sounds like a good read.


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