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Demons are feared by some but worshipped by others. Morgan Kingsley is one of the people who goes face to face with them and as an exorcist she knows how to fight them better than anyone. However she is also a woman with a secret. She is actually posessed and nobody can tell. She didn't ask to have demon inside of her but Lugh is there and even though he can't take full control of her Morgan is still stuck doing what he needs her to do.

Morgan is the main player in the demon war that is starting but right now she is busy with her family. It seems that she was experimented on when she was a teenager and more. Will she find out who used her and what they did to her? Or will The Jäger a rogue sociopath hunter find her first and kill her and Lugh? Whatever happens Morgan knows in her heart that she isn't going to like some of the truths she hears.

The Devil You Know'. is the second book in the Morgan Kinsley series. The Devil Inside really took my breathe away so I couldn't wait for this sequel to be released. After finishing this one though I have to say that I did enjoy it but I also have to say that it wasn't better than the first book. It is a great second book and was a great read but I felt it had a few things missing that the first book had. For instance this part didn't have as much heat in it and also Morgan doesn't work as an exorcist very much except for a passing reference now and again.

That aside I really like the characters in this book and the storyline is well thought out and is obviously taking the reader somewhere deeper. It is however a little tetesterone filled with Morgan being the only strong female in the mix. All in all this book was informative and I am sure it has paved the way for more action and demons in The Devil's Due which will be out later this year.

Find out more about this series and this author and read my interview with Jenna Black!

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At 9 August 2008 at 12:24, Blogger Estella

Sounds like an interesting read.


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