Sunday 13 July 2008
Writer and gardener Milagro de los Santos has finally found love. Living with Oswald Grant and his family at their California ranch is bliss. Milagro was introduced to the family and Oswald in an unusual way. They all have a rare genetic disorder that she also become infected with and some people call the illness vampirism.

When Milagro is excluded from a mysterious midnight ceremony for all of Oswald's family and some powerful friends she feels a little nosey and takes the time to look in on the event. What secrets are the family keeping from her? Why won't Oswald tell her everything?

A rogue family member sets his sights on Milagro and her life is again in danger. Instead of finding a quiet place to hide she ends up in a posh spa with an actor, heiress, tabloid reporter and more dark secrets. Will Milagro find her way home?

This second book in the Casa Dracula Series was just as fun as the first 'Happy Hour at Casa Dracula'. Milagro is as mouthy as Betsy the vampire, as fabulous as sex and the city's Carrie and funny like Stephanie Plum. This mix is a winner with it appealing to many different readers from all different genres. Romance, action, mystery as well as comedy and chick-lit all make an appearance and the paranormal side of things is played down but present.

Midnight Brunch is what you need if you are looking for something light, interesting and fun. This book has fun characters, great plot and an interesting storyline making it an entertaining read and pleasurable experience. This series is unique and is worth alot of attention.

Look out for The Bride of Casa Dracula, the third book in the series out in September and if you haven't already tried anything by Marta Acosta check out Happy Hour at Casa Dracula to learn more about Milagro and her story.

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