Sunday 13 July 2008
Kate Connor is a demon hunting housewife who has her days filled with teaching her daughter how to fight, caring for her toddler, preparing the neighbourhood Easter party and helping out with her husband's political career. So what she doesn't need is to find a demon á la zombie in her back garden.

Keeping the kids in line, making sure her husband doesn't find out about her demon hunting and finding a safe place for her kids to play is nothing compared to the bits and pieces that keep crawling around in unexpected places. Once again it is up to Kate to save the world and this time she will need all the help she can get which means the family will have to pull together.

While this fourth book in the series is fun, witty and kicks serious demon butt it was also a very slow read. Where as the previous books in 'Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom' really kept me hooked till the last page, Deja Demon kept me hooked for only a few chapters at a time and was sitting around a whole week before I finished it. A week isn't much to some readers but for me it is a long time. I even picked up and finished 3 other books in between because this one wasn't keeping me amused enough.

I like Kate and her family, friends and various other characters although I have to say I found Kate to be a little annoying this time around. Her decisions and actions had me shouting no really loud in my head, her attitude towards her daughter, husband and ex-husband had me cringing. I know the woman is stressed but she needs to take a few minutes to think things through.

Alot of action in this one and more new information too. Also the next book should be extremely interesting if the ending is anything to go by. So as a whole a good read but not up to par on the previous books. This one was missing that little something and Kate needs a holiday or some Valium. I am looking forward to the next book because I want to know what happens next. This series is after all very addictive if you are a soccer mom or not!

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