Tuesday 8 July 2008
The D'Artigo sisters are the sexy operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. They are half-human and half-faerie and each one has their own individual strengths and weaknesses which makes them the perfect team. Together the three sisters are fighting to save Earthside and the Otherworld against all manner of monsters as well as living their own lives and taking care of their friends and family.

Camille is the oldest sister and a witch. Sometimes her magic can go a little wrong but usually things turn out ok. With 2 gorgeous men to keep her occupied, 2 sisters to keep in check and her bookstore to run, Camille has enough on her plate. Although a demonic war becomes the top priority as all kinds of creatures start pouring into the city.

In walks Smoky the sexy dragon on to the scene and he wants Camille to finally give him what she owes him. Can she keep her mind in the right place and do what she needs to do to save everything and everyone she loves? Will the sisters manage to find the third spirit seal that their enemy Shadow Wing wants so badly? A dangerous force is at work and only the D'Artigo sisters have the power to handle it.

Dragon Wytch is the fourth book in the 'Sisters of the Moon' series and it brings us back to Camille. The first book Witchling was also told from Camille's perspective and then each sister took the lead role in the following books, Deliah in Changeling and Menolly in Darkling. Again we are in the hands of the oldest sister and if this book is anything to go by the most sexist.

Galenorn has out done herself again and this series keeps getting better. The world of the D'Artigo sisters, even if slightly dangerous sometimes, is a pleasure to visit and I am sure most readers, like myself, would love to stay there. Any paranormal urban fantasy readers would be crazy not to get hooked on these books. They are more than magical, they are special.

This book is enchanting, hot and action packed. A little of something for everyone and written with amazing style and grace. I am begging here openly to get an early copy of the upcoming releases because I hate waiting for the next installment that I know, like the previous books, will be a delight to read.

If you haven't read any of this series yet go to a book store now and get 'Witchling'. If you don't like it feel free to send me an email moaning at me ;)

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At 8 July 2008 at 11:50, Anonymous Anonymous

Everyone keeps recommending this book that I went out and bought it instead of trying to get it from the library. It's next on my list unless the Jackie Kessler books arrive.

Oh yeah, I'm doing the victory dance...my site came back up last night.


At 10 July 2008 at 12:03, Blogger Liviania

I liked Witchling, but had some quibbles with it.


At 10 July 2008 at 13:05, Blogger Unknown

@ Jackie - I love Yasmine's books and this series is amazing. Well worth every penny and more!

@ Liviana - What quibbles??


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