Thursday, 3 July 2008
Tess Corday is an Occult Special Investigator for CORE (Central Occult Regulation Enterprise). Pulled out of bed at two in the morning to look at a dead vampire she would be happy if she could just go back to bed. What she doesn't know is that even though this case looks routine it will become complicated, bloody and maybe more than she can handle.

All the clues lead to a teenage girl called Mia and it is clear to Tess that Mia's aunt is a demon of some kind. With some information from vampire community liaison and necromancer Lucian Agrado, Tess starts to put things together but they still don't quite fit. Only when Tess is going against the CORE does she stumble on the answers. Is Tess to late to save her career, the girl and catch the bad guys?

This book popped up here and there while I was looking at blogs and I added it to my pre-order list from the blurb alone. When the book arrived I read the blurb again and needed to try it asap. I was not disappointed. This is paranormal CSI with a hard hitting lead. Intense, descriptive and colourful this was an amazing read from an author I will be keeping my eye on.

Jes Battis has created a brilliant paranormal world in Night Child that sucks you in from the first page. With twists and turns right up till the end readers will find this a hard one to put down. I am looking forward to what happens next and I can only hope that the next in this series will be coming soon.

Oh and apologies to the author. I thought this was written by a woman until I read the 'About the Author' piece at the end! Yay to another guy on the Paranormal scene!!

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At 4 July 2008 at 05:41, Blogger Harry Markov

Oh, nicely done. I am so happy I subscribed to teh newsletter. Now I can check reviews from teh mail. So goood for lazy ass me. And this one sounds brilliant! Great review.


At 4 July 2008 at 07:12, Blogger Unknown

I am glad the newsletter is working out! I always had the rss feed but it seems nobody really likes that.


At 4 July 2008 at 07:20, Blogger Harry Markov

I think that most people have no idea what is that. I have no clue personally.


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