Saturday, 28 June 2008
Valentin Jaus the Austrian immortal Darkyn lord lost one woman after he accidentally infected her with his vampire blood. Filled with guilt he thinks that he will bring pain to anyone who would dare to love him.

Liling Harper has secrets that she can't share with anyone. Living in fear that she will be found she is enjoying her life as a gardener at a hospital. She cares for the patients by bringing them flowers but one patient has become a friend. Will this friendship make a target?

A chance meeting brings Jaus and Liling together and passion and love keep them together. Danger is all around them but they will find a way to stay to together and if they are lucky they will come out of it alive and in love.

Twilight Fall is the sixth novel of the Darkyn and it was a bit of a bumpy ride. The beginning was interesting and then I felt things got slightly complicated. After a while the story started to flow again but then there was this slump. The end of course was great and the cliffhanger has me hoping that the next book finds it's way into my hands earlier than the January release date. Stay the Night will hopefully answer alot of questions that this newest book didn't.

All in all Twilight Fall is a great edition to the series. It is nice to hear and see the characters from the series popping up but I sometimes found it too much to keep track of. I am really looking forward to more from this really dark and passionate paranormal series that has it's own unique twists but is also similar to the Dark-Hunter and Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

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