Thursday, 5 June 2008
Zoë Martinique is far from being an ordinary single twenty something girl. Ever since she learned that she has the amazing ability to travel outside her body at will her life just hasn't been the same. This maybe weird enough for most people but for Zoë it is just getting weirder and weirder. She has now got extra powers that are freaking her out and she wonders if her new relationship with detective Daniel Fraiser will be able to survive with everything she is keeping from him.

Drawn into a murder investigation, the kind where body parts are missing, Daniel hopes to stop the killer but Zoë senses that it is really all happening on this astral plane. Will she be able to help him without telling him about her special abilities?

Danger seems to be Zoë's middle name lately and in this book 2nd book in the series she has a hard time of things. Her mother goes missing, daimons are trying to take over her body, ghost hunters are on to her and much much more. Actually at some points as a reader I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of information I needed to take to follow the story.

This series has me hooked though because it is fresh and new and I haven't come across anything like it before. Zoë is an interesting main character and the fact that she can't speak in this book makes her character stand out even more. With some new characters in this book as well as some older ones anyone who has read the first book 'Wraith' may want to go and take a look at it again before starting on this one. This is not a stand alone and I felt all dizzy trying to remember what happened in the first book.

'Spectre' is paranormal urban fantasy all the way and it is exploring something new for a change. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book especially after the little cliffhanger ending in this one. I just hope that the wait isn't a long one because otherwise I will have to remember to read the first 2 books again before the 3rd one. To much information and action means that on the one hand it is a brilliant read but on the other it can be confusing if you aren't caught up.

If you need something new and haven't tried this series yet than I recommend finding a copy of 'Wraith' and giving it a go. It is worth it.

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