Sunday 11 May 2008
Riley Jenson hunts evildoers and she does it in style. She is a mixture of vampire and werewolf and with both kinds of blood in her veins she has the best of both worlds. She is a guardian like her twin brother. Fighting crimes commited by dangerous paranormal creatures.

In this sixth installment Riley is up against two killers. One killer is after high society call girls while the other is picking people who are linked to a past tragedy. Riley has the skills to catch them both but will she be able to do it before the killers strike again?

This was in my opinion the best book yet. I have to say that I enjoyed this sixth part alot more than the other 5 books. Sure the other 5 books were great but this one had less sex in it and more action. Actually Riley hardly got her clothes off and the only love interest hanging around was Quinn.

It was sometimes hard to distinguish the one case from the other in this book but after things really started moving along I found it easier to tell them apart. It was great to see the normal characters and even though some are not around anymore they were still mentioned.

I hope there will be another Riley Jenson book but if there isn't it wouldn't bother me that much. I am however extremely interested in 'Destiny Kills'. This new series is out in November and it looks good.

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