Sunday, 11 May 2008
Believing is seeing for most people but Calla is having a hard time believing some of the things she has seen in Lily Dale. She moved to Lily Dale after her mother died and her father had to go start a job on the other side of the continent. With no house to live in Calla ended up staying with her grandmother.

Lily Dale isn't just a small everyday town but a place full of mediums. At first this freaks out Calla but after her own experiences with her new gift she is starting to accept things.

In the first book of the series Calla helped find the body of a young girl. In this second part the young girl is back in spirit asking for Calla's help. Will Calla be able to follow the clues and save a life? Will the killer come looking for her?

This was an amazing second part and I really enjoyed it. Calla is getting older and wiser plus she getting used to her gift. I like the characters the the storyline is very interesting and the plot surrounding Calla's mother has me intrigued.

This is a paranormal suspense that young and older readers can both enjoy. Very eerie at times this can be spooky as well as mysterious. I am looking forward to the next part called 'Lily Dale : Connecting' when it gets released.

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