Sunday, 13 April 2008
Working for Satan is a great job if you get the offer. After three thousand years of employment Lily is happy with her employment contract. She gets all the fashionable clothes she wants, can eat all the food she wants without getting fat and she can hang out with her 3 demon girlfriends all the time.

With all that in mind Lily is starting to feel lonely. Being a Succubus is what she is best at but after all this time she wouldn't mind just that little bit more. She makes sure she the jerks, liars and the creeps get the best night of their lives but she wants to wake up to something other than a pile of ashes.

Nathan is handsome although Lily isn't too sure how he managed to come into her life. Is he out to destroy her and her demon friends or is he really what he seems? Will she survive the threats on her life? Will she finally find a true love and get out of her contract? Does she want to?

I have to admit that I wanted to give up on this one. It was only after the first 100 pages that I finally got hooked and that was mainly because Lily became a much nicer character when she got involved with Nathan.

Of course the name of the book is a play on 'Sex in the City' and the first 100 pages was for me just a rip off of the TV series but with demons. I didn't think it would as special as it turned out to be and I am really glad I kept reading.

This was devilishly fun and fashionable. With a nice main character and a gorgeous man heading the book and some interesting characters on the sidelines this book had a nice storyline which really took off towards the end making me wish the book wasn't over yet.

A cliffhanger ending has left me hoping that book 2 will be out soon! I want to know what happens next and I want to know what Akkadian really looks like ;) Great debut Nina! I want more!

Edit - I was just over on Amazon and saw that 'Succubus Takes Manhattan' is out in November! I already added it to my wishlist!

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At 13 April 2008 at 09:45, Anonymous Sidhe

Thanks for the err.. congrats! LOL This is another one on my wishlist, thanks for the review! :)


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