Sunday, 6 April 2008
The first 'Mara Mason' book 'Blood Engines' really impressed me and I was happy to see this second part was due for release sooner rather than later. Isn't it annoying to read a great book and find out you have to wait a whole year for the next one?

Mara Mason is back home in Felport and is trying to keep up with her duties as chief sorcerer. Someone always wants her dead and she is quite used to it but this time she is the target of an assassin who specializes in taking days or even years to kill his victims.

However this isn't her main concern. Her highest priority is to find a patient who has broken out of the Blackwing institute for criminally insane sorcerers. Genevieve is a psychic who can reweave the fabric of reality and her reality after getting traumatically attacked 15 years ago isn't something the normal population of Felport needs to know about.

This author has managed to make a nice new magical underworld that is black and badder than ever with a main character who is just a bad girl and knows how to use her abilities to get done what needs doing. Marla's partner Rondeau is not as present in this book but there are a few new characters who make up for his lack of showtime.

I love this series and it has to be one of the newest and freshest I have found so far this year. It is satisfying and enjoyable and I am looking forward to the 3rd book 'Dead Reign' which is due out in October.

Well worth checking out! You maybe annoyed with yourself for not trying this series sooner rather than later!

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At 6 April 2008 at 17:07, Blogger Cherie

Glad to hear such good reviews on this one. I found this series initially through a newsletter, I think Kim Harrison's or possibly Kelley Armstrong's, that I get via email. I only hope to be able to start on it soon. I really need to get rid of all these romance-y vampire books that I won't enjoy nearly as much so I can concentrate on the great urban fantasy and/or mystery, or just anything without the mushy gushy like this! LOL


At 7 April 2008 at 06:49, Blogger Amberkatze

I have to be a little harsh sometimes with the books I have on my tbr pile. I try to have a clean up at least once every 2 months and get rid of the books I know I am never going to get around too.

This series is great. Nice and fresh and even though I think the first book was alot better than this 2nd one it was still good enough to make me put the 3rd book on my wishlist!


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