Saturday, 1 March 2008
The 6th book in the Rachel Morgan series was amazing! So many things were cleared up while so many other new things have been started. All the normal characters made an appearance as well as some non regulars and a few new ones.

Full of excitement, adventure and action this was as good as all the other books and maybe even better. It was nice to see Rachel's mum in this one and I liked the introduction of Bis but I was annoyed he didn't really make a big impact on anything. Hopefully he will make it into future books?

Now I have to wait another year...maybe 2 for another installment in the Rachel Morgan series but I just can't stop myself from reading Kim Harrison's books straight away.

Thank you to the author for another look into the life of Rachel! To all the fans out there waiting for the paperback - Suck it up and buy the hardback! It is worth it!!


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