Sunday 2 September 2007
Okay...she said anyone can claim they were tagged by her and seeing as I never get to tag people like Oriana first I thought it was about time *evil laugh*

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment (you're it) and to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me back, let me know when you've posted your blog so I can see your answers.

1. I have 3 tattoos! One around my left wrist which is all stars! I did post a picture here once so look in the archives for it ;) I also have a tattoo on my right leg (also in the archives) and my newest one is on my left leg (no pic yet) of a Cat sitting on a moon with a star.

2. I work in a Kindergarten as an English Assistant. I have also worked as an English teacher, Babysitter, Barmaid, waitress, shop assistant and papergirl since being old enough to legally work!

3. I live in Vienna, Austria and have been here for nearly 8 years. However I am actually Welsh and was born in Cardiff, Wales, UK about 29 years ago! I can speak and read German but can't write the language very good at all!

4. I am absolutely petrified of Spiders! It doesn't matter how big or small I can't stay anywhere near them. I am also convinced that they follow me...although they usually do nobody believes me :(

5. I once stroked a Zebra! I was at the zoo here in Vienna and the lovely thing came right up to the fence and poked his nose through and let me stroke him!

6. I have never been outside of Europe. I really want to visit the States and Australia one day but so far I haven't had the time or the money to do so! I really dream of going to American and spending all my time in bookshops and sending a ridiculous amount of Mbags full of books back to myself ;)

7. I Cross Stitch!! I used to sew alot but I can only do Cross Stitch really well. I don't always finish the projects I start. Although I have made some really nice things and given them away as gifts.

8. I used to be a girl guide and before that a brownie. I always went camping and did loads of activities like abseiling, rock climbing, potholing etc I always enjoyed it all and regret no keeping it up and becomming a leader!

9. I have lots of freckles! I always thought they would fade as I got older but they are still all over my face, shoulders and arms! You can't see them so well in pictures (thank god!) but they are hard to disguise up close!

10. A few years ago I got mugged. It was the worst experience I had in my life and the most painful too. I am still scared when I am out on my own at night but luckily my friends are really good about it and understand when I get a little freaky!

Ok!! That was hard! I am sure that later I will come up with some better things to say about myself but once I started my mind went blank!

So what can everyone else come up with?

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At 2 September 2007 at 18:44, Blogger Kathy

Ok, here is the link to my blog's entry:

It was almost impossible to think of 10 things. I'm really not that interesting, lol.


At 3 September 2007 at 00:18, Blogger Alex

Hey!!! This isn't fair.;-)


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