Thursday 16 August 2007
I found another great load of artwork that has me drooling!

Jessica Galbreth has so many great pieces of artwork that I can't even begin to pick a favourite! Here Zodiac Fairies are gorgeous and the Gothic and Dark fantasy are absolutely wonderful! So many stars and moons...great colours! Wow!!

I want to order some but I think it would be hard to stop once I got started ;) I saw a book of her art advertised which I have now added to my wishlist. However the calender looks lovely too!

Oh and wondering why I came across these 2 artists (see other post from a few days ago about Rachel Anderson)? I was checking out cross stitch kits. I do enjoy a little sewing if I find the time and both of these artists have some lovely kits you can sew! Till now though I haven't been able to find a resonable price to buy any...


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