Sunday 15 July 2007
I just updated my list of pre-orders over on the side bar and WOW!!! There are so many of them and I have so much to read already...I must be crazy!

However in my defense I have to say that these are all pre-orders from now till the end of November. So they aren't all going to turn up at the same time. Although I have to have a little rant at the book publishers! Why are they releasing so many books in October/November!? I keep finding more and more great books/series/authors I read that have books coming out in these 2 months. It is quite unbelievable! It feels like they have all ganged up on me ;)

Oh and the next pre-order book that should be arriving is the new 'Harry Potter'. Although I am really excited about this last book in the series I wish I didn't feel the need to read it straight away. However it all comes down to peer pressure and the fact that if I don't read it straight away someone somehow will give away the plot!

And don't get me started on the hype! I am fed up of seeing 'Muggle counters' and fed up of hearing the theories! I do have to congratulate the film makers though - Great tactics having the film released the week before the book!

So I have pre-ordered the 'Harry Potter' book a few times now. I keep trying to find the best deal. Also some people are promising the book will be delivered on the release date. I find this promise quite amusing seeing that there is no post here in Austria on a Saturday. I will refuse however to go to the shop on Saturday and buy it. I will just have to make sure I stay away from all newspapers and forum posts about the subject until I have the book and have read it.

I just hope that some nasty people don't feel the need to talk about it on the bus, in work etc


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