Saturday 21 July 2007
It maybe 'Harry Potter' day for the rest of the world but for me it isn't. Of course my pre-ordered copy hasn't arrived because there is no post here on Saturdays. Funnily enough the website I ordered it from hasn't even sent me a 'It's been dispatched' email which is even more annoying! I shouldn't have bothered and just gone to the shops today and tried to get a copy.

So I hear people asking why I didn't cancel the order and just go buy a copy? Well that was my idea but I went to cancel my order and this company doesn't have the option to cancel anything! Gah!!! I could always send it back but that is way too much hassle! So I don't want to go buy a copy because I will end up with 2 copies!!!

Anyway my boyfriend is a Sweetie and sent me a file earlier. An online copy of the new 'Harry Potter'. He says it has loads of spelling mistakes but he felt sorry for me not having the book! Isn't he great!

Well I am resisting reading the file so far...I had a quick look through it and know some things but I really want the book in my hands...I just love being able to read in bed and reading from a laptop won't be as much fun. So I will sneak a peak now and again and hope that my copy arrives sometime this will be interesting to see if I cave and buy another copy before the order arrives...


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