Saturday 2 June 2007
I got myself a new camera today and spent alot more than I intended. Although it is really nice to know I finally have a working camera again and I am sure I will be taking alot of photos at Bookcrossing meet-ups etc and will try and post some here.
Anyway some people asked to see some photos of my tattoos. Here is the first one...on my left wrist. I love stars and I spent about 6 months painting this design on my wrist with eyeliner before I finally got it tattooed when I was 19.

I got this second tattoo 2 years ago. My 2 aunts picked it out/designed it and we all had it done together. I have mine on my right outer lower leg while one of my aunts has it on her arm and the other on her back.

In the middle is the symbol 'power of 3' from 'Charmed'. My aunts picked it because we are quite powerful when all 3 of us are together ;) The symbols around it (should) mean 'My Life' 'My Love' 'My everything'.

I totally left the design up to them so I just flew over and got it done. I hadn't even seen the design until the day we went to get the tattoos done!


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