Thursday 19 March 2009
Private Investigator Nikki James life is a little crazy at the moment. A teenager is missing, someone is kidnapping rich people, her friend is in hospital and she has to go up against a vampire. If that wasn't enough to keep her busy 'her' vampire is back.

Michael Kelly has returned and doesn't really want to have a confrontation with Nikki. However when the kidnapper ups the ante they to put their problems aside and work as partners. Trying to keep his bloodlust under control is getting easier but controlling his feelings for Nikki isn't simple. Especially when she wants them to be together.

The past comes to haunt Michael while they are working on the case and Nikki sees a new side to her vampire. Danger is around every corner for the unlikely pair and even though Micheal isn't easy to kill, Nikki isn't so sure if she is immortal or not.

The Nikki and Michael vampire series is being re-released like most of Keri Arthur's older books. Of course I love her Riley Jenson series and can't stop myself from trying out these other paranormal offerings. However I have to say that this time around I didn't really like the characters and plot much. I remember really likely the first part in this series, Dancing with the Devil, when I read it a while back. While this second book was ok the previous book was, imho, much better.

I will of course still carry on with the series. After all this is a great author and a good concept. With alot of paranormal and a huge helping of romance this is something that alot of readers will enjoy. I however felt the story moved too fast, was slightly confusing and just lacked a certain something. It might sound strange but I would call this 'old school' paranormal romance. Nothing urban or fantastic about it.

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