Sunday 25 January 2009
The half-vampire, Cat Crawfield, should be happy. She has her undead lover Bones by her side and she protecting mortals from the rogue undead. Although Cat's disguises are not working very well. Every vampire knows who the Reaper is and how she looks. Hair dye and contacts are just not enough to fool most of the rogues her and her team are tracking. With her cover blown Cat is in danger and that means everyone she loves is in danger too.

With enough problems of her own to deal with Cat also has to deal with a problem from her husbands past. Bones has been around a long time and over the years he has made some enemies and one of them is back looking for revenge. With forbidden magic being used against them, Cat and Bones are up against the worst of the worst. Will they manage to beat the evil they are against or will one of them end up occupying a grave?

At Grave's End is the third book in the Night Huntress series and this time there is a definite change of pace. Change is not always good but this time the differences, although slight, really made this book stand out from the previous two in the series. Not only has Cat grown but the series is growing with her. More mature and darker than before this book has got to be my favourite in the series so far. Sexy but serious, dark but witty this series has something for everyone and everyone should give it the chance it deserves.

Cat is an amazingly strong character and her human side makes her extremely likable. I know that Bones has alot of lady fans out there but I can't say he really does anything for me. Maybe I am immune to his charms because I am British like he is, his accent not making me weak at the knees at all! However they couple make a lovely pair, be it in love or war. Their friends, family and followers make for a great cast of paranormals and I am looking forward to book four in the series and anything else this author writes for us. Urban Paranormal writers should be worried about what Jeaniene Frost is going to come up with next ;)

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