Sunday, 14 December 2008
Lily loves working for Satan. She is one of her Chosen and this means she has a life full of fashion, food and great friends. She has everything a succubus could ever want. However she was just dumped by a mortal and after centuries of not falling in love with anyone this experience has hit her quiet hard. Hopefully she will never have to see Nathan again.

Nathan ran out on Lily because of what she is. He couldn't handle the fact that she was a demon. However Lily's fling from Aruba thinks differently. He knows all about the demon world and is one of her kind. Marten is everything Lily needs right now but she isn't sure if she can trust him. The trust issue comes into play when Vincent her demon doorman gets kidnapped. Did Marten have anything to do with the kidnapping? In rushes Nathan to help out. Lily hoped she wouldn't see him again but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Two men, a crazy work colleague and an assassin trying to kill Lily fills the story in this sequel to Succubus in the City. Sex and the City meets hell again and I love the combination just as much this second time around. Where the first book set the rules and introduced what was to come, the second book builds on the story and shows more of the characters and the evil world they live in.

I love the writing style and the fashion isn't too overbearing. Lily is a succubus with skills and sense that shine in Succubus Takes Manhattan and I hope she and her friends will be back in print again soon!

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