Sunday 23 November 2008
After her husbands sudden death, Robyn Peltier, moved to Los Angeles and tried to put some space between herself and her past. She is still grieving but being the PR consultant for a famous Paris Hilton wannabe does keep her busy. That is until her client is killed and Robyn tries to follow the killer but as a result leaves the crime scene. This is only her first mistake but it sets off a domino effect that has her running all over the city trying to save her life.

Hope Adams is a reporter who specialises in the paranormal. It is an easy job for her to do because she, her boyfriend and alot of her friends are also supernaturals. Visiting LA to see visit her friend Robyn, she finds herself caught up in the mess that looked like an ordinary murder but turns into a cabal problem. Doing everything she can, Hope tries to save Robyn from finding out more than she should and from getting herself killed.

Finn has always been able to see ghosts and they have helped his career as a detective. Knowing more than he should and speaking to himself doesn't earn him points with his collegues but he gets the job done. When he ends up on a big case he doesn't realise that that he will learn alot more about himself and his gift. He may also get to save some people along the way.

Living with the Dead is the newest edition to the Women of the Otherworld series which just keeps getting better and better. I was never really a fan of Hope but this book had enough other important characters to keep me happy. With Robyn, Finn and Karl playing equally big parts in the story, Hope was not the center point and I started to like her a little more.

With ghosts, clairvoyants, demons, werewolves and more this is as always a brilliant paranormal series that can quench alot of thirsts. The plot was as spectacular as always and had me gripped till the end. Now the wait is on for the next book and anything else this fabulous author throws our way.

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