Thursday 6 November 2008
It is Christmas and all hell is breaking loose. While the humans are busy shopping there is an angry demon lord plotting against his enemies. Stryker is gathering his forces and little does he know that when he begins his attack that it will trigger more than he bargained for. It will put him in danger, his ex-wife and a daughter he didn't know he had.

Pulled into the events that Stryker starts, Ash and Nick are still having communication problems. Those problems get even worse when Stryker unleashes War on them both and Nick finds out that he is more than just a Dark-Hunter. Will Stryker have his revenge? Will Ash and Nick finally sort things out with each other? This is the book that shows Stryker's and Nick's true colours.

One Silent Night is the newest edition to the Dark-Hunter series. This is a series I have been religiously following since I was introduced to it a few years ago. Now while every Dark-Hunter book, like this one, is good and worth reading, I felt something was wrong with this story. Maybe it was the fact that this was Stryker's story and I don't like him? Or could it be that the title and blurb promised something Christmassy and the holiday was mentioned only twice? Or maybe it was that this book was not full of Dark-Hunters and took place 'underground'?

For whatever reason this book was not as good as all the other Dark-Hunter books till now and if I ever had to name the worst it would be this one. Yes it is worth reading. Yes it was good. Just nothing compared to previous books. There was something missing. Lots of action, fast-paced and infomative this book is a must read because you learn alot. However it still left me feeling a little dissapointed and lost.

Oh and I wonder if the publishers check the blurb? On the back of my book it says that Stryker finds out he has a son he never knew exsisted when actually it is a daughter!

In conclusion - You need to read this but don't worry if you also find something a miss!

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