Friday 17 October 2008
Lycans attacked and killed her parents when she was young and since then Kit March has ignored all the rules about men only being allowed to hunt them. She loves hunting but the people who govern the hunters are not so in love with her. Rafe is sent to eliminate Kit and other rogue hunters in America but first he has to find them.

Rafe has always been all business until he comes across the feisty Kit. She is excellent at what she does and his emotions start to get the better of him. Before he knows what he is doing Rafe is protecting Kit instead of doing the job he has been sent to do. The world of Lycans has always been very black and white but now things are changing. Kit and Rafe are just the start of something that has been brewing for generations and their passion may just turn out to be the real thing.

Kiss of a Dark Moon is the second book in the Moon Chasers series by Sharie Kohler and I have to say it didn't impress me as much as the first. I really enjoyed Marked by Moonlight but this sequel while a good read was not as interesting as the first part. I couldn't connect to either of the main characters and found the romance a little forced. The plot, while fresh and new, lacked something for me.

In praise I have to say that the author has got me intrigued. I read alot of paranormal but the 'dovenatus' is something new for me and I can't wait to find out more. Also the epilogue made me smile. I love authors who add this final piece to a book to let the reader know what happens. So this book had some strong points and some weak points making it something I would certainly recommend to anyone who is a hardcore paranormal romance fan.

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I'll have to look for these books, I love her Sophie Jordan-historicals...


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