Sunday, 6 July 2008
All Raven can think about is her vampire boyfriend Alexander who has been hanging out way too long in Hipsterville. She has no idea when he will get back to Dullsville and has no way of contacting him. So when school is out for Summer she is on the next bus to Hipsterville to stay with her aunt and to look up her boyfriend. A trip to the Coffin Club won't hurt either, or so she thinks.

Getting sucked into the depths of the club into an exclusive area where only vamps hang out is cool. However Raven may get into trouble if they realise she is mortal or if she doesn't make back to her aunts house in time!

Book number 5 in the Vampire Kisses series The Coffin Club is somewhat the weakest so far. Although I love reading about the goth girl Raven in the past books, I found the plot in this book slow and boring. I also find the sixteen year old lead to be less mature and slightly annoying. Will she ever grow up and take the plunge and become a vamp herself? Yet again I felt there was too much talk and no action. I feel bad for the young readers who are forced to pay so much for such a short book. This was over way too soon.

On saying that I do like the series and I will read any upcoming books in this series. I just have to decide if it is worth my attention when it is released or if it is better to wait till the paperback comes or the the price isn't so high.

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At 10 July 2008 at 12:05, Blogger Liviania

I think this is the best one because she's finally thinking about the consequences of her actions.


At 10 July 2008 at 13:11, Blogger Unknown

That is true...but it wasn't as strong as the previous books...imho


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